Your Wood Slices at Home

Almost everyday I receive orders, create new wood slices and watch them go out the door to their new homes. But I always wonder, where are they really going?

So I asked you on Instagram and Facebook to kindly send in photos of your wood slices displayed at home. Whether you've been gifted a wood slice or if you've ordered it for yourself, I love to see your pictures and here they are:

Angus the cat stole the spotlight for me:

Thank you to everyone who sent in a photo along with all your support and your lovely words. I wouldn't have this little business without you so I'm extremely grateful.

Since launching my new website I have received a flood of new orders including house number wood slice signs, baby wood slices, new home wood slices and more. Since a young age I always wanted my own website and now that has finally come true! And there's nothing but more exciting new things to come...

That's all from me, hope you have a good week and stay safe. Charlotte x

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