Order Process (5 Easy Steps)

Hi everyone!

Today I thought writing out my step by step order process would be useful for those who may be thinking of ordering but unsure on the process.

Firstly, I'd like to explain the function of my online shop. You can find a mixture of different wood slice design ideas, where you can select the design you like and insert your desired text into the text box. Alternatively, there is also a "Create your Own" section, it does what it says on the tin! The power of hand crafted designs mean you can put any text you want onto the wood slice to make it completely personalised to you.

My personalised wood slices are ideal if you're looking for a sentimental gift or wooden sign to complete your home. Browse a unique collection of bespoke hand crafted wood slices in my small online shop.

The process is easy!

1. Simply choose the wood slices you like. If you wish to personalise your wood slice, all you need to do is enter your desired text into the text box. Then placing the order through the online secure system (WIX🔒)

2. I see your order pop up on my system (and do a little happy dance). Once your order is complete and you receive a photo of your wood slices.

Click on this title to shop the designs below:

3. Packaged and despatched a few days later. I try my best to keep you all updated through the process. Collect for free from Barrow (I supply the address and we arrange a time beforehand). First and second delivery options are both available on my website.

4. The rest is wood slice history! I always appreciate your lovely messages once the wood slices have arrived. I loveeeeeeeee to see your photos too!

Large Home Wood Slice (20-24cm) linked:

5. Number five isn't really a process but instead it's a huge thank you from me! Everyday I feel so inspired to wake up in the morning and create new pieces to put out to the world.

I'm extremely grateful for the support of your orders through the lockdown period. This small business is currently what I'm living on to get by, so thank you. Wishing you all healthiness and happiness.

That's all from me!

Thanks for reading. Charlotte x

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