Memory Wall - Ideas to keep you busy during Isolation

Hi everyone!

I thought I'd make a couple of posts to let you know what I've been up to recently. Hopefully it will inspire you to have a go at these ideas yourself.

If you're having a bit of a down day, putting together a memory wall is the cure. What's more uplifting than looking back on your favourite times and being creative at the same time?

Most of us have a memory box lying at home in a dark place that never sees light of day. This may be full of old tickets, cards, photos and notes. Make a memory wall where you can see your favourite times everyday! Memory walls can remind us of the amazing new memories we can look forward to.

Start yours today!

You will need a large frame or board to use as a base for your memory wall. Find your largest frame and take out the picture you have inside (change is good). Find your memory box, put your favourite music playlist on, spread the memories out on the floor in front of you and make a collage with your memories.

Put this up in your hallway, living room or bedroom so you can walk past it everyday.

I hope this is useful, if you create a memory wall of your own please tag me in a picture of yours♥

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